There are different injections available for concrete crack repair in Colorado, depending on the individual need. Epoxy injections are a rigid material that chemically bonds to concrete providing a structural repair. Hydrophobic polyurethane injection resin is an elastomeric material designed to seal leaking cracks and voids in concrete. Crack injections may be done from the inside which in turn, eliminates excavation costs.

Epoxy Injections:

  • Available in different viscosities to accommodate a wide range of crack sizes.
  • Can structurally repair non-moving concrete cracks.
  • Two-component, fast reacting formulation.
  • Fast set epoxy paste is used to set injection ports.

Polyurethane Injections:

  • Elastomeric properties provide a flexible seal for moving joints.
  • Water activated material expands to fill voids.
  • Fast reacting

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