AAA Waterproofing Front Range offers commercial pavers in Denver and elsewhere in Colorado for your commercial paving needs. Using concrete pavers on plaza decks, terraces and green roofs is a popular way of enhancing your outdoor space. Pavers are available in a variety of different sizes, colors and finishes. An elevated pedestal paver system offers a great number of benefits to an outdoor space such as:

  • Creates a free flowing drainage system above the waterproofing.
  • Adjustable pedestals allows for installation of a level paver surface over various sloping substrates.
  • Simple removal allows for future access to waterproofing system.
  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • Earns building project LEED points.

Below is a list of the manufacturers AAA uses for elevated concrete paver systems.

Manufacture and Product Name

Please refer to the individual manufacturers websites for current product data sheets.

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